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If the other espada found Grimmjow’s dream journal…


As requested by anon. :)

So….I feel like this request must be based off some list I wrote previously, but if so, I have no idea which one. So yeah. I got nothing. Anyway, we’re just going to go with it! Grimmjow keeps a dream diary. A diary, of his dreams. And the other espada have found it. What happens next?

Starrk: Not even one dream about frogs wearing tuxedos.

Starrk: Am I just weird, then? 

Szayel: I can’t help but notice the lack of sex dreams.

Szayel: …and the wealth of “wrestling shirtless” dreams.

Barragan: Hollows are supposed to dream about consuming their enemies. 

Barragan: Not about stupid things. Like being bad at ballet.

Nel: Grimmjow also has plenty dreams about eating his enemies!

Nel: He clearly likes eating, just like Nel!

Barragan: Yeah but the ballet thing kinda negates them.

Nnoitra: Can’t believe the guy dreams about things other than fighting.

Nnoitra: An espada? With something other than fighting in his head?

Nnoitra: He should be fucking ashamed!

Halibel: He has other things in his head for sure.

Halibel: Like guilt, judging from the number of dreams about his dead fracciones.

Halibel: Clearly he doesn’t understand sacrifice. 

Luppi: I just can’t believe Grimmjow keeps a stupid dream journal!

Luppi: What is he, some teenage human girl?!

Zommari: Actually keeping a dream diary is excellent for one’s mental and spiritual health.

 So clearly somebody is making Grimmjow do it. 

Yammy: Probably Aizen. Guys’s a major dick.

Aaroniero: Dunno. These are some really detailed entries.

Aaroniero: I think Grimmjow likes it.

Ulquiorra: According to the woman, humans who are anxious dream that they are late to their human classes, and that they are not wearing any clothing when they arrive.

Ulquiorra: Grimmjow has a recurring dream that he shows up on time to our staff meeting, wearing a snowsuit.

Ulquiorra: …

Ulquiorra: I am not sure what to make of that, but I am fairly certain it means that Grimmjow is weird.

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